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Welcome To

Guiding Minds Montessori 


Guiding Minds Montessori school is a perfect place for your child to learn and grow while having fun in a safe place.


Guiding Minds Montessori School is a private, independently owned and operated facility. Guiding Minds Montessori School has NO affiliation with any other Montessori school or childcare facility in the province of Manitoba. 

Our Values


Safety and security in a nurturing environment.


Peace, respect, and cooperation throughout our classroom and  our community.


Honesty and integrity in our relationships with others.


Compassion, patience, generosity, and joyfulness within the classroom community and beyond. 


Prioritizes the development of the whole child - body, mind, and spirit.


Striving for excellence in everything we do. 

Angela Izzard

Director & Owner


Welcome to Guiding Minds Montessori School. I am so excited to bring a new Montessori to Winnipeg. 

I have 24 years of extensive experience and education regarding the development of children, Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and play based education. During this time I have also have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful families and children that I will forever hold in my heart. In 2021 I graduated from Assiniboine Community College, with honors, from the Advanced program for Early Childhood Management. I also have my  Montessori Teaching Diploma certificate from North American Montessori Center, Teaching Assistant Diploma from The University of Winnipeg, and My Early Childhood Education Diploma from Manitoba Childcare.

I am responsible for all the administration of the school, and I am also very involved in all of our programs. I truly love and believe in the Montessori philosophy, so I give my everything to my programs, our families and especially the children. 

"Tremendous Teacher"

For many years my daughter Amelia was in care with Ms. Angie, whom by all accounts the most kind caring individual my daughter could have had the opportunity to spend so much time with in her early years. Angela was so instrumental in the early years of Amelia's development and understanding her needs, strengths and weaknesses. There was never a moment as a parent I felt that Ms. Angie was anything less than a tremendous teacher, and supportive individual for these small children. 
I cannot think of an individual I have been involved with in our children's education or care that I would give higher marks to across the board.

~ Desmond D.


I have known Angela for 6 years as she cared for my three children. During that time, I found Angela to be extremely hard-working and dedicated to providing the best care and education possible for the students in her program. As an educator, Angela was self-motivated, very organized and endlessly creative in the delivery of her lessons. She was also approachable, kind and always professional in her interactions with parents, students and staff. 

~ Alana S.

"Most Positive"

Miss Angie was an outstanding teacher to my son and daughter. She is the most kind, caring, and dedicated teacher, my children became very attached to her and I can see why. Her interaction with the children, staff and parents has been the most positive. 

Miss Angie’s teaching style is gentle and caring. She is a real team player and always has the best interests of her students, and the school at heart. The children love “Miss Angie” and could not wait for their hugs and lessons. She genuinely cares about all the children like they were her own.

Watching our children learn and grow at the Montessori with Miss Angie was a very special time and we will cherish those memories forever.

~ Jill R.

"Caring & Patient"

I first met Angie in 2017. My daughter was attending a Montessori school and she was lucky enough to have Ms. Angie as her teacher. It was obvious that Ms. Angie was a big favorite of all the kids at the school. She clearly loves working as a teacher and the children were drawn to her like a magnet! She is an incredibly caring, patient and dedicated to her job. She has qualities required to not only be a business owner and director but also those required to be an excellent teacher. The excitement and passion she has for teaching is obvious and any child attending her school will be provided with an incredible opportunity.

Rhona M.

"Encouraging & Nurturing"

We are so thankful for Ms. Angie and her entire team of teachers. The love and support they have shown my daughter Makena, has really helped her grow and become independent. It is so comforting to know that when we are at work, Makena is being cared for by such a patient, encouraging, and nurturing teacher/Director. It is evident that Ms. Angie truly has a passion for fostering confidence and a sense belonging for every child she cares for as all her students look forward to seeing her everyday.

Maxine & Winson

"A cheerful embrace"

Ms. Angie has been an instrumental part of our daughter’s childcare experience! She welcomes us each day with a genuine smile and our daughter, a cheerful embrace. We are so happy we have gotten to know Ms. Angie as we have confidence leaving our daughter in her care.

Every time we see Ms. Angie, she has a smile on her face and our daughter always looks forward to seeing her again. Ms. Angie is excellent with children of all ages and makes an excellent childcare provider for our family.

Regan & Cam

Because Montessori education promotes independence and individual learning, the teacher guides in the Montessori classroom:

  • Facilitates rather than instructs.

  • Serves as a link between the child and the learning environment.

  • Carefully observes each child and directs the child to new material and enriched activities as he or she makes progress.

  • Aim to meet each child’s individual needs during their sensitive period.

  • Is able to discuss with parents the child’s life and progress at school.

Highly Qualified Teaching Staff

All our teacher guides have been carefully selected to ensure they meet the vision of what our school has to offer. The staff at Guiding Minds Montessori are highly motivated, caring individuals with diverse teaching experience and education. All our teacher guides are:

  • Montessori trained.

  • Certified as Early childhood Educators or

  • Child Care Assistance

  • Members of the Child Care Association (MCCA), an organization dedicated to the professional development of Early Childhood Educators.

Compassion, patience, generosity, and joyfulness


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