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Guiding Minds Montessori School offers part time and full time programs for children 18 months to 6 years of age.  See below for details and fees.

Monthly Fees

Regular Fees & Hours

Our full-time and part-time monthly fees are based on the program families require during our regular school hours 8:45am – 4:00pm. Our fee schedule is based on a school calendar year from September through June. We are closed for all statutory holidays, two weeks for Christmas break, One week for Spring break and one day per month for the teachers to transform the learning areas.


In order to ensure the ongoing viability of the school with regards to annual budget and projected revenues, parents must give the school thirty (30) days notice or forfeit one month’s tuition if, for any reason, the child is withdrawn for the program.

A full break down and fee schedule will be provided to you in-person.


Extended Hour Fees

For families who require additional care, our program provides an early morning and after school program.

Early Morning Program – 6:45am – 8:45am

After School Program – 4:00pm – 5:30pm


Annual & Other Fees

Registration Fee

There is a one-time yearly registration fee that is due during registration.


Supply/Program Fee

There is a yearly supply/program fee that is due every September or when child is enrolled.

This fee goes towards new supplies to enhance our programs and our extra curricular programming.


Hot Lunch – Optional

Children will be provided with a nut free hot lunch twice a month from Boston Pizza.

Hot Lunch will include a variety of items on the Boston Pizza kids menu such as: pizza, penne pasta, mac n cheese , chicken fingers and fries along with  juice box and apple slices.

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