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Preschool Program Details

Our Montessori preschool classroom provides a warm, inviting atmosphere that is designed to specifically inspire, guide, and nurture your child's desire for natural exploration and learning.  This program is designed for children 3 - 6 years of age. 

Our Preschool Montessori classroom is beautifully  arranged into 7 interesting Montessori learning areas that are filled with intriguing learning materials to meet each child's individual needs. These specially designed learning materials are set up on trays, or natural baskets that are displayed on open shelves, that are easily accessible for all the children. As the children move freely around their Montessori designed classroom, they are choosing materials purposely designed for the use of reputation, self mastering of tasks and skills to help aid in all areas in their development. 

Each day provides a balance of quiet time, free choice, one-on-one lessons with their teacher guide, group Montessori circles, snack and lunch times and recess time.


Preschool Program: 3-5 years of age

Program Availability: 2 day, 3day, 5day spots - Full Time & Part Time

Before/After School Program

Extra Programs Offered: Music, Yoga, Beginners French & Ukrainian, Hot Lunch Program

*Must be potty trained.

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