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Toddler Program Details

Our toddler program is for children 2-3 years of age but also share their Montessori environment with our infant program. 

This Montessori program offers the younger child a unique learning experience in a warm, nurturing and inviting environment. 

Our Toddler program promotes learning at an age where children are able to absorb everything around them which will allow them to form their individual personalities. This program allows for lower ratio's, ensuring their is plenty of one on one time with their teacher guides. The Montessori program for this younger age group really focuses on independence, confidence, and self-help skills which will help prepare them for our preschool Montessori program.   Our main Montessori focus is on Practical life and Sensorial activities where children have the opportunity to enhance their fine motor and gross motor abilities, concentration skills and visual acuity.

All our activities are set up on trays, or natural baskets which are easily accessible to each child. These activities that are prepared for our younger children are the foundation for their future learning in language, mathematics, science and cultural studies. 

Our toddler program is a great way for younger children to become comfortable with the Montessori environment in a warm, nurturing, inviting environment.

Each day provides a balance of quiet time, free choice, sing a long movement circles, as well as time for eating, snacking, napping and outdoor exploring. 


Toddler Program: 2-3 years of age

Program Availability: 2 day, 3,day, 5 day spots

Before/After school program

Extra Programs offered: Music, Yoga, Hot Lunch Program

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